What Are Operating Room Services?
  • The operating room is a specially designated, sterile room with very specialized lighting and equipment where a surgery or procedure is performed.


  • An operating room may be designed and equipped to provide care to patients with a wide range of surgical needs.


  • Operating rooms adhere to very strict regulations to ensure a surgically sterile environment.


  • Depending on the nature of the surgery, various forms of anesthesia may be administered by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).


  • There is a wide array of specially sterilized instruments that may be used during a surgery for external and internal procedures. The surgical tools or instruments utilized outside of the body vs. those utilized inside the body can be vastly different.

Surgeons Currently On Staff
  • Gastroenterologist- Dr. Ramirez

  • General Surgery- Dr. Ginsburg

  • Pain Management- Dr. Glanton

  • Podiatry- Dr. Yankowitz

  • ENT- Dr. Roberts

To see one of our Surgeons listed above, obtain a referral from your primary care provider or call our Specialty Care Clinic at 573-546-8036.


We look forward to serving your surgical needs “right here, close to home” at Iron County Medical Center!

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