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Iron County Medical Center Patient Portal

Your personal health record is just that – yours. As such, it should be available to you on your terms, where you want, when you want. We hope having access to this information will also empower you to take control of your health and partner with Iron County Medical Center to not only make you feel better, but to keep you well. Our new patient portal will have visits from May 29, 2018 going forward. If you need to access the old patient portal for all your visits before May 29, 2018 please click the link to the right.

  • Secure
    Your records are accessible via the secure portal only with the user ID and password that you establish.

  • Convenient
    Available 24/7, your health record is available when you need it. No need to wait for office hours or for paperwork to arrive in the mail; the information is loaded to your profile as soon as it becomes a part of your record.

  • A central collection point
    Your unique patient portal contains much of the information from any recent visit to Memorial Hospital. It will house your test results, vitals, and even discharge instructions. We know it is a challenge to remember the volume of information. Your health record can help with reminders for yourself or to share with family and caregivers.

Instructions to obtain medical records through your patient portal.

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Looking for the old patient portal?

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